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Sybil Praski

Sybil Praski

Practice Development & Coaching

  • Consult with Advisors as a coach to help develop their practice
  • Assist Advisors by helping them streamline their business
  • Public Speaker

Sybil Praski joins the Branch after a 31 career as a successful financial advisor and founder of her own wealth management firm. She was one of the leading Advisors with LPL in the state of Colorado. Sybil was an early adopter of generational wealth transfer planning that included helping families prepare their heirs for inheritance. Her focus on the family proved to be a major differentiator in her practice growth and value. More recently, Sybil has distinguished herself as a speaker at workshops and conferences on the preparing heirs topic, sharing from her advisory experience working with client families as well as offering insights from decades of family work into the role of family dynamics in successful wealth transition. Sybil focuses on the Branch's development efforts, with the help of her enthusiasm, insight and keen understanding of the industry.